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Shortcuts: Curriculum Vitae, Publications, Contributions towards standardization, Lectures

Mr. R.M. Khatsuria is an expert in Hydraulic Engineering with over 4 decades of experience in the related field.His research interests include topics such as hydraulics of spillways, energy dissipators, storage and diversion structures, control and conveyance structures and hydropower structures. He has also pursued general research on topics such as turbulence characteristics of hydraulic jump for optimizing design of stilling basins, hydraulic characteristics of bucket type energy dissipators and hydrodynamic forces on stilling basin appurtenances.

He has authored a number of technical papers and reports based on the specific and general studies. Mr.Khatsuria has to his credit, more than 100 research studies on specific projects pertaining to the hydraulic design of spillways, energy dissipators, powerhouse layouts and downstream protection works. Some of the important projects were: Balimela, Barna, Bakurman (Iraq), Bekhme (Iraq), Chamera, Chukha (Bhutan),Doyang, Indirasagar, Jawaharsagar, Kadana,Khalilkan (Iraq) Khandong, Mahibajajsagar, Nathpa Jakhri, Ranjitsagar, Salal,Salauli, Sedawgyi (Myanmar), Sardar Sarovar , Singda, Srisailam, Tala (Bhutan),Tehri, Ukai etc. Some 150 professional reports were produced from the results of these studies.

One of the outstanding contributions by Mr. Khatsuria is his recently written book titled-“Hydraulics of Spillways and Energy Dissipators” published by Marcel Dekker, New York, 2005 (ISBN 0-8247-5789-0).

He served the Government of India- Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS), Pune as a Research Scientist and  retired as the Additional Director, in 2001. As a Senior Expert for Water and Power Consultancy Services (India) Ltd. (WAPCOS), he was assigned planning and commissioning of HLAB (hydraulics laboratory) at Al Taji, Baghdad, Iraq. The assignment also included constructing hydraulic models and conducting studies for the spillways of Bakurman and Khalilkan projects as part of the training program for the research personnel.

He is a fellow of the Indian Society for Hydraulics (ISH), Associate Editor (ISH) and member of International Association for Hydraulic Engineering and Research.  Mr.Khatsuria also contributed towards standardization through the sectional committees of the Bureau of Indian Standards. He actively participated in preparing five draft standards and participated in finalizing ten other standards.

Presently, he serves as National Consultant for the Kalpasar project, Government of Gujarat. He is often called upon by various agencies to advise on water resources projects and to review technical papers for several reputed journals. He delivered a number of lectures for the training programs, conferences and courses.

Mr. Khatsuria holds degrees of MS Civil, University of Iowa, Iowa City, (USA); ME Civil, University of Pune (India) and BE Civil from Gujarat University (India).

Mr. Khatsuria can be reached at rmkhatsuria@rediffmail.com.


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