Contributions towards standardization

Bureau of Indian Standards

Represented CWPRS on the following sectional committees of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), from 1984 to 2001 

  • RVD 9: Dams (overflow and non-overflow)
  • RVD 10: Spillways including energy dissipators
  • RVD 12: Hydraulic gates and valves
  • RVD 14: Water conductor systems

 Contributed to the preparation of the following Indian Standards from drafting up to their finalization:

  • Hydraulic design of impact type energy dissipators-Recommendations- IS: 12731: 1989
  • Preliminary design, operation and maintenance of protection works downstream of spillways-Guidelines,IS: 13195: 1991
  • Recommendations for hydraulic design of high ogee overflow spillways- IS: 6934:1973 (Revision)
  • Guidelines for the choice of the type of diversion works, Part III- Utilization of permanent structures for Diversion- Doc RVD 7 (169)
  • Guidelines for preliminary design of spillway aerators

 Also, active participation in finalizing 10 other standards under the BIS Sectional Committees- RVD 9 and RVD 10.


International Standards Organization

 Participation in the sub-committees SC-2, TC 113 on Hydrometric Determinations by way of comments and suggestions.









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