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1 Training program on Research Trends in Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering at Shri Guru Gobind Singhji  Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded.  April2006
  1. Recent Trends in the Design of Spillways and Energy Dissipators 
  2. Hydraulic Model 


2 National Conference HYDRO-99, organized by the Indian Society for Hydraulics, at Nagpur March 1999
Spillway Designs of Tomorrow- Unconventional, Innovative, Challenging
3 7th Advanced Course on Integrated River Basin Planning and Management, Central Training Unit, Central Water Commission, Pune Octo-1996

Hydraulic Model studies for the Spillway and Energy Dissipator of Sardar Sarovar Project, Gujarat

4 3-day Workshop on Hydraulic Gates and Hoists in Water Resources Projects, organized by Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP) at Bangalore June 1995
  1. Hydraulic Modelling Techniques for Gates
  2. Cavitation, Vibration and Air Demand of Control Gates
  3. Hydraulic Aspects Concerning Location of  Stoplog Grooves for Spillways and Sluice Outlets- Some case studies.
5 3-Day Specialty Course on Hydraulic Design of Conveyance and Control Structures, organized by Indian Society for Hydraulics at CWPRS, Pune Dec 1993
  1. Cavitation in Spillways and Cavitation Damage Mitigation by Forced Aeration
  2. Hydrodynamic Design of Spillway Appurtenant Structures
6 6-Day course on Physical Modelling in Water Resources Development and Manageme-nt, organized by the North Eastern Regional Institute of Water and Land Management (NERIWALM), Tezpur, Assam Nov 1993
  1. Models of Spillways and Outlets 
  2. Models of Energy Dissipators
  3. Models of Control Structures
  4. Dynamic Flow Measurements, Analysis and Interpretation
7 Symposium on Fluid Flow Associated Problems and Flow Induced Vibrations in Hydraulic Structures and Machines, sponsored by INCH and organized by CWPRS May 1992

Role of Turbulence in the Design of Spillway     Appurtenant Structures

8 Short course on Hydraulic Modelling Techniques, sponsored by Govt. of India through Indian National Committee on Hydraulic Research (INCH) and organized by CWPRS April 1992
  1. Problems of Simulation in Undistorted Spillway Models
  2. Dynamic Flow Measurements-Analysis and Inferences
9 Seminar on Recent Trends in the Design and Construction of River valley Structures- Role of Hydraulic Research, organized by CWPRS at Sardar Sarovar Dam, Gujarat. Jan 1992
  1. Hydrodynamic Design of Spillway Appurtenant Structures-Introduction
  2. Hydrodynamic Design of Spillway Appurtenant Structures-Stilling Basins and Plunge Pools
  3. Cavitation in Spillways and Energy Dissipators
  4. Air entrainment and Forced Aeration in   Spillways
10 3-Week short course on Research, Analysis and Instrumentation for Hydraulic Structures, organized jointly by Govt. of India and USAID in association with WAPCOS, at CWPRS April 1987
  1. Cavitation in Spillways and Cavitation Damage Mitigation by Forced Aeration
  2. Hydrodynamic Design of Spillway Appurtenant Structures
11 Engineering Staff College, Govt. of Maharashtra, Nasik August 1978
  1. Hydraulic Design of Spillways
  2. Tutorial on above
  3. Hydraulic Design of Energy Dissipators
  4. Tutorial on above

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