Shortcuts: Books, Papers/discussions

Books and Reports

  1. HYDRAULICS OF SPILLWAYS AND   ENERGY DISSIPATORS, by R.M.Khatsuria, Marcel Dekker, New York, USA (ISBN 0-8247-5789-0), January 2005
  2. State-of-art report on Computation, Prediction and analysis of Scour in Rocky Beds Downstream of ski Jump Spillways(1992)- R.M.Khatsuria, CWPRS
  3. State-of-art report on Role of Turbulence in the design of Spillway Appurtenant Structures (1994)- R.M.Khatsuria, CWPRS


  1. Hydraulic Model Studies for Nathpa Jhakri Dam Spillway, Himachal Pradesh -Bhajantri, M.R., Pethe, P.C., Deolalikar, P.B.,and Khatsuria, R.M., Proc. Indian National Conference on Advances in Hydraulic Engineering With Special Emphasis on Model-Prototype Conformity (INCAHE-2008),Pune, India, Nov 2008.
  2. Discussion on paper- Experimental study of transition of skimming flows on stepped spillways in RCC dams: Qualitative analysis and pressure measurements by M. Sanchez-Juny and J.Dolz, IAHR Journal of Hydraulic Research, Vol. 43, No.5 (2005)- Discussion published in Vol.46, No 2, 2008.
  3. Discussion on paper- Decay of Turbulence Downstream of a Stilling Basin by A.L.Urban, S.C.Wilhelms amd J.S.Gulliver, Jnl. of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 131, No.9, September 2005- discussion published in the December 2006 issue of the journal.
  4. Discussion on paper- Ski jump Hydraulics by V.Heller, W.H.Hager and H.E.Minor, Jnl. of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 131, No.5, May 2005- discussion published in October 2006 issue of the journal.
  5. Dam Removal: Some Facts – R.M.Khatsuria, ISH News, Vol. 13, No 1, June 2004 Hydraulic jump stilling basins- Some Unresolved Issues   – R.M.Khatsuria, Proc. Hydro 2001, Indian Society for Hydraulics, CWPRS, Pune, India, Dec 2001
  6. Integrating the equation of gradually varied flow – R.G.Patil, V.N.Diwanji and R.M.Khatsuria, ASCE Jnl of Hydraulic Engineering, July 2001
  7. The changing contexts in the design of spillways: An overview – R.M.Khatsuria, ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Vol. 6, No 2, September 2000
  8.  Improvements in the design of water control structures-some case studies  – R.M.Sinnarkar, V.N.Diwanji and R.M.Khatsuria, Proc Workshop on Role of Gates and their Control in Water Resources Projects, CBIP, Belgaum, India, June, 2000
  9. Operational problems in hydraulic gates and solutions-CWPRS experiences   – V.N.Diwanji, R.M.Sinnarkar and R.M.Khatsuria, 2nd Round Table Meet on Design Practices and Issues-Water Resources Development Sector, organized by Central water Commission, New Delhi, India, March 2000
  10. Energy dissipator for a low head high discharge intensity spillway    – R.M.Khatsuria, P.B.Deolalikar, V.V.Bhosekar and M.I.Sridevi, Proc 3rd Intnl R&D Conf, CBIP,Jabalpur,India, Feb-March  2000
  11. Guidelines on operation of gates for large spillways   – R.M.Khatsuria and P.B.Deolalikar, Proc National Workshop on Challenges in the Management of Water resources and Environment in the next Millenium, Organized by the Delhi College of Engineering, ISH and IWRS, New Delhi, India,Oct  1999
  12. Hydraulic design aspects and configuration of breast walls for spillways  – P.B.Deolalikar, V.V.Bhosekar and R.M.Khatsuria, ibid
  13. Comparative performance of solid and slotted bucket energy dissipators for spillways- Indian experience -R.M.Khatsuria, National Conference Hydro 99 organized by Indian Society for Hydraulics, Nagpur, India, March, 1999
  14. Hydraulic design aspects concerning spillway gates  – R.M.Sinnarkar, V.N.Diwanji and R.M.Khatsuria, ibid
  15. CWPRS Experience with hydraulic design of control gates in outlets  – V.N.Diwanji, R.M. Sinnarkar and R.M.Khatsuria, Seminar on Hydraulic gates and their control in water resources projects, CBIP, Nangal Township, India, October 1998
  16. Effect of sluice slope and gate bottom on uplift force  – R.M.Sinnarkar,V.N.Diwanji and  R.M.Khatsuria- Proc 2nd Intnl R&D Conference,CBIP, Vadodara, India, Nov 1997
  17. Staying high and dry- Flood prediction and control  – R.M.Khatsuria, International Water Power and Dam Construction, April 1997
  18. Deterioration of energy dissipators by hydraulic processes; Precautionary measures in design, construction and operation       2nd Intnl. Conf. on Dam Safety Evaluation, CBIP,Trivendrum, India, Nov 1996.
  19. No alternative to large dams (in Marathi) -Daily Sakal dated 26 June 1996
  20. Reducing hydrodynamic forces on sluice outlet gates  – V.N.Diwanji, R.M.Sinnarkar and R.M.Khatsuria, ibid
  21. Discussion on paper- Dispersive- flow energy dissipator by Shou Long Yang- Jnl. of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 120, No 12, Dec 1994- discussion appeared in June 1996
  22.  Scour downstream of ski jump spillways-review of 30 years of experience  – R.M.Khatsuria, Proc All India seminar on Hydraulic Engineering, Nagpur, India, Jan 1996
  23. Hydraulic and Structural Design Problems of High Head Stilling Basins  – R.M.Khatsuria, Proc Intnl R&D Conference-Water and Energy 2001,CBIP, New Delhi, October 1995
  24.  Hydraulic Aspects concerning Location of Stoplog-Grooves for Spillways and Sluice Outlets-Some Case Studies  – R.M.Sinnarkar, V.N.Diwanji and R.M.Khatsuria, ibid
  25. Cavitation, Vibration and Air Demand of Control Gates   – R.M.Khatsuria, ibid
  26. Hydraulic modelling techniques for gates  – R.M.Khatsuria, Proc CBIP Workshop on Hydraulic Gates and Hoists in Water Resources Projects, Bangalore, India, June 1995
  27. Investigations on the stability of deck slab of submersible bridges  – P.P.Vaidyaraman and R.M.Khatsuria, ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Vol. 1, No 1, March 1995
  28. Discussion on paper- Construction of protection works of spillway of Gandhisagar dam, by R.K.Richharia, Irrigation and Power, June-July 1994- March 1995
  29. Recent trends in the design of spillways and energy dissipators – P.B.Deolalikar, V.V.Bhosekar and R.M.Khatsuria, MAEER’s MIT Pune Journal, Vol. III, No. 9 & 10, (Special issue on Water), Sept 1994
  30. Considerations on measurement of hydrodynamic bending moments on models of hydraulic structures  – P.B.Deolalikar and R.M.Khatsuria, Proc Ninth APD-IAHR Congress, Singapore, August 1994
  31. Some special considerartions in the design of ski jump buckets  – P.B.Deolalikar, P.C.Pethe and R.M.Khatsuria, Proc National Symp on recent trends in design of hydraulic structures, University of Roorkee, India, March 1994
  32. Some experiences on operation of gates for ski jump spillways   – P.B.Deolalikar, P.C.Pethe and R.M.Khatsuria, Proc Intnl Symp on Hydraulic Research in Nature and Laboratory, Wuhan, China, Nov 1992
  33. Pullout forces on a concrete lined training wall in a stilling basin  – R.M.Khatsuria, P.B.Deolalikar and V.V.Bhosekar, Proc 8th APD-IAHR Congress, Pune, India, Oct 1992,(Judged by the Awards Committee to deserve considerable merit)
  34. Prediction of cavitation potential for alternative designs of spillway, Chamera H.E.Project- A case study   -R.M.Khatsuria,P.B.Deolalikar and P.C.Pethe, Proc First conference on Research Needs in dam Safety, CBIP,New Delhi, India, December, 1991
  35. Design of a ski jump spillway governed by downstream channel configuration   – R.M.Khatsuria, H.C.Ganeshrao and P.B.Deolalikar, ibid
  36. Two-stage energy dissipator and appurtenant works, Ranjitsagar dam spillway,Punjab   – R.M.Khatsuria and V.K.Balkrishnan, 55th R&D Session, CBIP,Srinagar, India, July 1989
  37. A reappraisal of stilling basin design with reference to turbulence characteristics  – R.M.Khatsuria, P.B.Deolalikar and V.V.Bhosekar, ibid
  38. Problems encountered in the hydraulic design of a side channel spillway  – R.M.Khatsuria and P.B.Deolalikar, Proc 6th APD-IAHR Congress, Tokyo, Japan, July 1988
  39. Design of energy dissipator and downstream protection – Srisailam dam spillway – R.M.Khatsuria, H.C.Ganeshrao and P.B.Deolalikar, ibid
  40. Design of duck bill spillway and reversed sloping curved stilling basin- Salauli project  – R.M.Khatsuria, P.B.Deolalikar and V.V.Bhosekar, 54th R&D Session,CBIP, Ranchi, India, April 1988  (Awarded CBIP Medal for the best paper for the year 1988)
  41. Consideration of macroturbulence pressure fluctuations in design of divide walls of stilling basins   S.R.Gaikwad,M.J.Kumthekar,R.M.Khatsuria, M.J.Khurjekar,P.B.Deolalikar and V.V.Bhosekar,   ibid
  42. Various approaches for determining thickness of apron lining of stilling basins-an evaluation in respect of adequacy  – R.M.Khatsuria and P.B.Deolalikar, Pros Intnl Symp on New Technology in Model testing in Hydraulic research, CWPRS/CBIP, Pune, India, Sept, 1987
  43. Recent studies concerning design of divide walls in spillways and energy dissipators  – R.M.Khatsuria, P.B.Deolalikar and V.V.Bhosekar, Supplement to the Proc Intnl Symp on design of hydraulic structures, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA, Aug 1987
  44. Hydraulic model studies for evolving layout of the spillway and plunge pool, Chamera H.E.Project, Himachal Pradesh  – R.M.Khatsuria, P.B.Deolalikar and V.V.Bhosekar, 53rd R&D Session,CBIP, India, Bhubaneshwar,May 1986   (Awarded certificate of merit for the year  1986)
  45. Hydraulic model studies for the design of an overflow hood for a radial gate  – R.M.Khatsuria and P.B.Deolalikar, Proc National Seminar on Gates and Valves, MACT, Bhopal, India, July 1984
  46. Model studies relating to the design of tail race channels downstream of hydroelectric power plants  – P.C.Saxena, S.B.Kulkarni, R.M.Khatsuria and P.B.Deolalikar, Symp on Civil Engineering aspects of Hydroelectric projects, University of Roorkee, Roorkee, India, April 1978
  47. Discussion on paper-Pressure variation in mixed bucket type of energy dissipator by R.S.Varshney, Irrigation and Power, April, 1977
  48. Problems of simulation in undistorted models of spillways and allied structures – Y.S.Kelkar and R.M.Khatsuria, Proc. CWPRS Diamond Jubilee Symp, Pune, India, 1976
  49. Model investigations on some hydraulic problems concerning operation of pumped storage power plant of Kadana Project  – R.M.Khatsuria and Y.S.Kelkar, 45th Annual research Session, CBIP, India, Hyderabad, 1976
  50. Discussion on paper- Vibration studies on divide walls of Baggi control works by A.S.Arya, R.J.Garde, K.G.Ranga Raju and B.Chandra, Irrigation and Power, Jan 1976
  51. Hydraulic characteristics of ski jump buckets subjected to submergence by tail water  -Y.S.Kelkar and R.M.khatsuria, 44th Annual research session, CBIP.India, Chandigarh, 1975
  52. Hydraulic forces on a submersible divide wall in a roller bucket  – Y.S.Kelkar and R.M.Khatsuria, 43rd Annual research session, CBIP.India, Dehradun, 1973
  53. Hydraulic model studies for the spillway, power house tail channel and diversion channel of Ukai Project  – C.V.Gole, S.C.Desai, Y.S.Kelkar and R. M.Khatsuria, Symp on Modern Trends in Civil Engineering, University of Roorkee, Nov 1972, Roorkee, India

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